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Tiny House Bathroom and the Ventless Washer Dryer Combo. What is the maintenance like on this unique appliance? Many people ask us about this so in this post we will show you what it is like to maintain a use a Ventless Washer dryer combo. We purchased this Combo unit used about 5 years ago and with our 4 years of living tiny it makes this unit 9 years old so far. If you are unfamiliar with this style washer dryer Combo, it is considered Ventless aka as a condensation dryer. It only has a hot Ideas, Home, Tiny House Design, Tiny House Bathroom, Tiny House, Tiny House Trailer, House Bathroom, Tiny House On Wheels, House

In September, Erin first reached out to us and requested a Tiny House Trailer quote through our website TinyHouseBasics.com We then worked with Erin and helped by designing a trailer to fit all her needs, At first Erin was keen on a 26ft Tiny House Trailer but later with our help she settled on a 28ft x 99″ wide 21k ... Read More

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Loft or no loft? Could you live in this beautiful tiny house with its own private pool & yard? This is one of 3 tiny house rentals just built in... | Airbnb, tiny house movement, swimming pool, loft

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