Tiny envelopes diy

Explore creative DIY ideas to make your own tiny envelopes. Personalize your messages and surprise your loved ones with these adorable and unique creations.
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Great mix suitable for holiday cards, wedding invitations, special announcements, liner inserts, whatever you like. Nothing too complicated in this bunch & expense is minimal.

Patricia Cornwell
19 Christmas Wrapping Paper Crafts - Wrapping Paper Envelopes

So, you've wrapped all your gifts, right? (Ha! In a perfect universe, where you actually have 2 hours to yourself, maybe... Believe me, I get it.) But let's say that you have wrapped them. You've cut perfect rectangles of wrapping paper, and you've carefully folded and taped the gifts closed. What did you do with all of the wrapping paper scraps? It drives me crazy when I have a 6' wide strip of fancy wrapping paper leftover when I wrap something. Do you save it? Do you throw it away? What…