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Simply Elegant Tie Dye Wrap Around Skirt - A great skirt for fun in the sun, this skirt is a great choice to wear to the beach this summer. The skirt's fabric is uniquely tie-dyed with pink and blue, the entire fall of the skirt is single u-cut that is shorter on one side - giving a nice fall and a full, graceful wrap. Made of 100% jersey cotton, its long flowy fabric will keep you cool no matter how warm it gets all season long. You can wear this skirt with a simple, flat colored tank top…

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WHAT YOU’LL NEED – Fabric dye ~ we used iDye which you can find online here. We picked these up from our local art store.– White garments ~ we used our Rosalie Slip. Natural fibres work best.– Salt and water (half cup salt to 5L of water)– Rubber bands– Gloves– Skewers, jars and bottles for mixing dye and application–

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