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Do you remember the days of having to squeeze characters into one message just so you didn’t have to pay for another text? Move over, Jenny. Not only has texting changed a lot over the years, but it’s also become a normal way for many of us to communicate. Whether it’s meeting new friends, trying to get out of a meeting with your boss, or checking in with your family, there are all kinds of ways people now have the opportunity to hilariously mess up.

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At times, we may have inadvertently sent a text to a wrong person. However, it’s apparent that these instances are different. These individuals have attempted to initiate a chat with a message that they genuinely insist was not intended to be sent, regardless of its appearance. Sounds Accidental Depending on the content of the photo, mistakenly sending it to the wrong person can cause catastrophic consequences. The only course of action left is to request the recipient not to open the photo…

Benito M. Bourgeois
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On paper, autocorrect is awesome. When you send someone a text, it checks your writing and gets rid of all the spelling mistakes. But in reality... It's even better. You see, autocorrect has a good sense of humor—sometimes it makes random edits that completely change the meaning of a word or phrase you were going for. That way, a 'daughter' can become a 'disaster' and 'chivalry' can turn into 'chocolate'. And these "jokes" are even better if you notice them only after you hit "Send".

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Auto correct is usually a very useful tool, fixing our spelling and typo's as we text at a fast pace. Yet sometimes the little computer in your phone corrects your mistake with the wrong word. And occasionally, the replacement word is very, very wrong, when read in context. Check out these auto correct fails!

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