Tenon jig

Enhance your woodworking skills with a tenon jig. Discover how this essential tool can help you create precise and strong tenon joints for your furniture projects. Take your woodworking to the next level with these top tenon jig ideas.
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How To: Make a Mortise & Tenon Joint on a Router Table: Using proper joinery can take your new furniture build from a cool 5 to a gorgeous 10. Adding a professional touch like mortise and tenon joints looks great but is also practical in making the furniture stand the test of time. I'm going to lay out s…

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Loose tenons are an extremely strong joint, but some of the machinery required to make them can get a little pricey… Not anymore! This Mini Mortising Jig can be made using scraps plus the cost of a few little clamps and fixtures, and you’ll be making quick and easy loose tenons in no time!

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