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Build a Set is the time saving tool for stage design. Scenography made easier, this production design tool requires no drawing or measuring. Create multiple models. Stagecraft posters instruct-at-a-glance, presenting basic theatre principles and ideas to help the student learn and the professional teach.

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So you think you might want to be a stage manager? Let me warn you now, almost everyone who works in the arts thinks they can be a stage manager and the vast majority can’t. Just because you are an organized human being doesn’t mean you have the skillset to be an excellent stage manager.…

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TharosTheDragon: Theatrical Blocking Shorthand Code for Actors and Directors Theatre, Worksheets, Musicals, Films, Wicked, Screenplay Writing, Scripts, Management, Thespian Problems

Click here to download my cheat sheet in PDF format.The first page is the cheat sheet itself and the second page is examples. You can print the examples on the back of the cheat sheet if you like. It's designed to be somewhat intuitive, so reading the explanations in this post is optional. Use and modify the code to your personal taste. The code itself only uses six letters, which frees up the rest of the alphabet to be used as code letters for specific things or people. You should be…