Teaching toddlers

Discover fun and engaging techniques to teach toddlers important skills and concepts. Help your little one learn and grow with these creative ideas for teaching toddlers.
a collage of nine different toddler lesson plans with the text, 'lesson plans for toddlers'

Teachers and parents alike will love these lesson plans for toddlers, based on different toddler themes! Learning activities for each theme are included.

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When my oldest was 4, I decided I would teach him preschool at home. As scary as it may seem to you now, you can learn how to homeschool preschool! You have what it takes to get your kids ready for kindergarten. Although my kids were learning through play, they weren't learning some things yet

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As your baby reaches toddlerhood, there are numerous phases of growth to look forward to, including the ability to walk and communicate verbally. However, not all toddlers are early talkers, which may be concerning for parents who are concerned that anything is amiss with their child."How can I get my kid to talk?" is a