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Streamline your classroom management with these essential teacher forms. From attendance sheets to behavior trackers, find the tools you need to stay organized and maximize student success.
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Do you ever wonder how your students' parents see you? Do they think you're a good teacher? Are they happy with the progress their child is making? Do they wish you would communicate more? Do they complain every night about the homework you send? I know many of us only see a parent once a year....at conferences or the annual IEP meeting....and sometimes not even then. Well this year my district is implementing the new teacher evaluation system using the Nevada Educator Performance Framework…

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Prepare for the school year with this adorable "While You Were Away" printable! Perfect for substitute teachers or anyone filling in for a permanent teacher. This whimsical design will charm anyone! This is a DIGITAL download. Print as many as you want!

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Teacher Evaluation Form - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. My teacher likes teaching English. 2. I enjoy working with my teacher. 3. My teacher uses different ways of teaching grammar or vocabulary. 4. My teacher is always on time for the lesson. 5. My teacher is helpful when I have a problem. 6. My teacher is fair. 9. My teacher respects me. 10. I trust my teacher. 11. We watch videos in class. 12. We play games in class…

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*Since posting this this morning, I decided to add a bunch of covers...there are now 46 pages of covers to choose from!* Teacher Binders are the #1 way to start organizing for next year. EVERYONE is making one, including me. I can't print in color at school so I end up buying a lot of ink! I wanted my binder to have some color but not a lot so I can print most of it at school. I made this kit with that in mind. Most of the pages have no color on them but I've included several ideas on how to…

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I'm good at planning, and I really enjoy doing it. That's not bragging; that's self-awareness. It's one of my strengths, and I believe in working out of your strengths. I'm always thinking ahead and planning how best to meet the known challenges and events on my calendar. I like being prepared. So even if my

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