Swinging london

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the vibrant and iconic Swinging London scene. Discover the fashion trends that defined an era and get inspired to add a touch of 60s style to your wardrobe.
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Carnaby Street became famous throughout the world after the 15 April 1966 publication of Time magazine’s cover and article that celebrated the street’s role: Perhaps nothing illustrates the new swinging London better than narrow, three-block-long Carnaby Street, which is crammed with a cluster of the ‘gear’ boutiques where the girls and boys buy each other … Continue reading "Once the ‘Swingingest Street in the World’: Pictures of Carnaby Street 1924-1975"

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With the Swinging London or Swinging Sixties scene of the '60s, England's capital became supremely influential in fashion, music, art and culture. London was the home base for the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who and other British bands invading the rest of the world; the miniskirt and the Mini (car) were ultra-hip; the overall vibe on carnaby Street was mod, sexy, and extremely groovy.

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