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Support your swimmer with the right gear and helpful tips. Discover how to be the best swim mom and make their swimming experience even more enjoyable.
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If you've become one of us, let me first say congratulations! There is a lot to learn to being a swim team mom! Last summer, my girls joined a kids swim team for summer. It was a learning experience for us all, but we have loved being a swim team family! We have just finished year two of participating the same youth swim team, and I am ready to share all the things I have learned! There are several types of swim teams for kids or swim clubs for kids. There are the summer swim team leagues…

Diana Owens

Knowing what to bring to a swim meet is half the battle when it comes to competition time. Getting your bag ready the night before a swim meet should become a habit. It will take a few times to know what you need and don’t need. However, once you know what to bring to a swim meet, you’ll feel more confident on meet day.

Lindsay Whatcott