Super soldier

Discover the secrets of becoming a super soldier and unlock your full potential. Get ready to transform your body, enhance your skills, and embrace the hero within you.
ArtStation - Super Soldier: Fast Iteration Concept, Tom Newbury Sci Fi, Darth Vader, Dark Fantasy, Batman, Science Fiction, Sci-fi Armor, Sci, Armor, Robot

I have been wanting to design a workflow which gets me the best final result, with the least amount of time. This piece is the result of that exploration. I started with a quick 2 hour sculpt, then spent a lot of time designing reusable procedural shaders. And then did a quick 2 hour light and comp at the end. The idea is to now test this on a new piece where theoretically I can just assign the shaders, setup some lights and with some minor comp tweaks I have a solid result. Find out more on…

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Super Soldier (MachineGames) | Wolfenstein Wiki | Fandom Character Design, Armor, Wolfenstein, Armor Concept, Hydra, Fantasy Character Design, Power Armor, Army, Soldier

Super Soldier has other meanings. See Super Soldier (disambiguation) for other uses. Supersoldaten (Übersoldaten), or Super Soldiers (And Maschinensoldaten (Machine Soldiers) in the German version) as they are commonly known, are heavily-armored biomechanical enemies encountered in Wolfenstein: The New Order, prequel expansion, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, its sequel, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and second sequel, Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Main Article: Supersoldaten 46 The Supersoldat 46…