Steep sloped backyard

Turn your steep sloped backyard into a stunning outdoor oasis. Explore innovative ideas to maximize the potential of your landscape and create a functional and beautiful space.

A sloping garden can be a challenging landscape problem for any homeowner. Not only can it sometimes be an eyesore, but it also frequently leads to problems with soil erosion and flooding. Fortunately, through the simple process of...

Karen Davey
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Landscaping a sloped site can provide quite a challenge. It is rare when designing a scheme that you are presented with a perfectly flat site; and why would you want a flat site? The demands of a sloping terrain can often lead to innovative landscaping ideas and beautiful designs. A sloped site gives you the opportunity to create views, different zones and areas, and sometimes, have some fun! How you respond to a steep, hillside or sloping site will depend on numerous factors, budget…

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