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Spark your child's curiosity with these fun and engaging preschool activities that explore the wonders of stars. Discover hands-on crafts, games, and educational resources to make learning about stars exciting and memorable.
Learning About the Stars Our first week of the space theme covered: stars sun moon astronomer clouds We made our own stargazer telescopes so we could pretend to be an astronomer. We used blue paint with a little silver glitter paint to paint a cardboard roll. Then we added sparkly star stickers. We learned about...Read More » Creative Art Space, Sun And Moon Activities For Preschool, Space Themed Crafts For Kids, Solar System Model Project Ideas, Outer Space Theme Preschool, Space Activities Preschool, Space Lesson Plans, Space Theme Preschool, Space Week

Discover engaging preschool activities focused on learning about the night sky and stars. From star-shaped crafts to interactive games, spark curiosity and wonder in your little ones. Embark on a cosmic adventure together and watch them shine brightly as they explore the mysteries above.

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These crystal stars made from pipe cleaners and a simple borax solution are SO COOL. And they're really easy to make! Leave them overnight and crystals magically form! Borax Crystal Star Ornaments OK you guys, I think I've fallen in love with another kids activity. These borax ornaments are so easy to make, and they look SO COOL when they're done! It takes a few hours to grow the crystals, but the actual work involved with putting them together is really fast. We whipped up our crystal stars…

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Like most preschool fascinations, I’m not entirely sure how it began. It might have been the Star Gazing Discovery Bottles I made last month, or the fact that they are in bed before they actually appear in the sky every night. Whatever the cause – studying stars has become the…

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It's time for a Nursery Rhyme theme! Let's pack your lesson plans full of fun, hands-on nursery rhyme activities, and centers that your little learners will love and learn a ton from, too. Learning IS fun when you plan it out (and aren't stressed out!), and I'm here to help. In this post, you will find three activities for each nursery rhyme plus ideas for the writing center, blocks/STEM center, and science center. And yes, I have nursery rhyme activities FREEBIES for you too!

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