Staff morale booster bulletin boards

Elevate your office environment with these creative bulletin board ideas that will boost staff morale. Get inspired and create a positive and engaging workplace for your team.
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Back to school is one of my most favorite “seasons” of the year. The excitement and anticipation of a new year is palpable. The new backpacks & lunchkits, fresh supplies, & chance to start over. I love it ALL. This back-to-school season I had the opportunity to help one of my favorite campuses prep for …

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Does your school have a social committee? Sometimes it is called a sunshine committee. This is the committee that sends flowers when someone is in the hospital or has a death in the family. I thought it would be fun if we share activities our committees have organized. Luncheons If you are planning a luncheon, remember the teachers with the last lunch period. Many times it is "slim pickings" for those poor people. We tried two different things to solve this problem. We asked for at least 3…

Erin Redden
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So, we’re in the midst of a wild, stressful summer. This wild, stressful summer is after a wild, stressful school year. When we head back to school, we’re all going to be a little frazzled, very uncertain, and overall just more stressed than we already ALWAYS are during back to school season. You

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