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Keep pesky squirrels away from your bird feeders with these effective squirrel baffle ideas. Find out how to create a squirrel-proof setup and enjoy watching your feathered friends in peace.
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Outdoor lights make your space more beautiful and safe. But squirrels can cause damage to them as they love to chew on things. Here’s how you can stop them from chewing outdoor lights. 1. Replace lights with squirrel-proof fixtures 2. Use repellants or deterrents 3. Install a squirrel baffle 4. Wrap the lights with metal 5. Keep the area clean & free of food You Can Check It Out To https://www.brightlighthub.com/how-to-stop-squirrels-from-chewing-outdoor-lights/

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How to Make a Squirrel and Raccoon Bird Feeder Baffle | Today's Homeowner Ideas, Gardening, Bird Feeder Baffle, Squirrel Baffle Diy, Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders, Suet Bird Feeder, Squirrel Baffle, Squirrel Feeder, Bird Feeder Poles

Even if you love animals, it's frustrating when greedy squirrels and raccoons empty the bird feeder in a few short hours. If raccoons and squirrels are eating you out of house and home, here's a simple solution. This DIY squirrel and raccoon baffle is easy to make, costs little in materials, and is sure to befuddle even the craftiest of critters. Read on to find out how to build it.

Homemade squirrel baffle (pics) is working great! Squirrel Baffle Diy, Squirrel Repellant, Bird Recipes, Bird Feeder Station, Squirrel Baffle, Garden Wildlife, Bird Ideas, Backyard Birds Sanctuary, Bird Feeder Poles

I was having a horrible problem with squirrels scampering up my 4x4 post and feasting on the buffet of seeds and nuts that I put out for my feathered friends, as well as destroying my feeders. Hubby made me a squirrel baffle, and I am quite pleased to say it has foiled the squirrels (so far!!). We ...

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