Sponge sheet cake

Indulge in the light and fluffy goodness of sponge sheet cake with our collection of mouthwatering recipes. From classic flavors to unique twists, find the perfect cake to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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This recipe makes one tall 9-inch inch cake. If using an 8-inch cake pan, line the sides of the pan as the cake will be a little taller than a 9-inch cake. You can double this recipe to make a 10-inch cake or a 9x13 rectangular cake. Be sure to use a heating core if using a 10-inch round cake pan. 1 and 1/2 batch fills 4-6-inch cakes.

Deana Gorena
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What is School Cake? It’s a basic vanilla sponge cake recipe with water icing and sprinkles. We have sometimes seen it sliced in two horizontally with jam in the middle, but mostly it’s just as is! It often came served with custard too. School Cake has a few different names. Sometimes it’s called Old School Cake, Retro School Cake, School Dinner Cake, School Cake Traybake, sometimes literally Sponge Cake with Sprinkles, Sprinkle Sponge, or Sprinkle Cake. Whatever you call it, it's simple…

Sadia Akbar
How to Make a Roll Cake ~Sweet & Savory

Let me show you how to make a roll cake, a simpler way. No need to roll the cake while hot, this sponge cake is super pliable and rolls beautifully without cracks!And a thin layer of jelly adds nice sweetness, homemade whipped cream highlight the airiness and fresh fruits add burst of freshness!

Bethany Flamm