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Experience the transcendent power of spiritual music and find inner peace. Discover the best spiritual music playlists and albums to uplift your spirit and nourish your soul.
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We are a meditation and soundbath company. We host candlelight, beach, and online soundbath meditations, as well as full moon activations and cacao ceremonies. We also host private events for all types of parties and corporations.

Carrie Borkowski
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777 Hz + 432 Hz Attract Positivity, Luck, Abundance: Reprogram your Mind for Success - Binaural Beats Finalized Thesis statement: Sound healing is effective in healing physical, generational and emotional trauma in our DNA using vibrations and frequencies. Finalized Purpose statement: This research paper intends to educate individuals on how they can use music therapy, electromagnetic sound frequencies and Solfeggio Sound science to heal mind, body and spirit. We will research Sound healing…

Brenda Hyke