Spanish fish stew

Explore mouthwatering Spanish fish stew recipes that will transport you to the coastal towns of Spain. Try these flavorful dishes and bring the taste of the Mediterranean to your kitchen.

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Taylor Christian

Spanish Fish Stew is a delicious Mediterranean dish that makes an easy week nigh meal in only one pot and brings all the flavours of Spain.

Laura Leon
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Fennel’s light aniseed flavour is a perfect partner to fish. When cooked down it is mild and sweet, nothing like the pronounced liquorice taste you get when using fennel seeds. Fish cooks very quickly when diced, so it doesn’t need to be added until the very end. Too long in the liquid and it goes tough. If you are in any doubt as to whether it is done, gently press a piece against the edge of the pan; it should flake easily and be opaque through to the middle.

Remco Sigger
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Romesco de Peix (Catalan Fish Stew in Romesco Sauce) is a classic recipe hailing from the Catalonia (Cataluña) region in northeastern Spain. The easy one-pot recipe uses fresh chunks of fish, some onion, and plenty of homemade romesco sauce. The flavors are layered with the rich romesco sauce, plenty of sweet and smoked paprika, and just a touch of fresh herbs and seasoning. This one-pot stew is quick and easy to make and requires only some simple cooking equipment. Made in 30 minutes…

Rebecca Lowery