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Explore the world of Sony Music and dive into the top artists and songs that have captivated music lovers worldwide. Experience the magic of Sony Music and find your new favorite tunes.
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The Milanese headquarters of Sony Music, an American company controlled by the Sony multinational corporation, is situated in the Maciachini Center business complex, where it occupies a striking building characterized by the original inclined lattice structure of the glazed shell that encloses and protects the underlying volumes where the offices are located. The interiors, dominated by the color white and just a few color accents, are enhanced by the widespread presence of vegetation…

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The first Sony Walkman, the TPS-L2 in 1979. The most important personal music device since the #transistorradio, the Walkman was also the device that made it common to wear headphones in public. From 'The Sony Walkman' at the web's largest private collection of antiques & collectibles, at ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #vintagetech #vintagetechnology #walkman #vintageradio #antiqueradio #sonywalkman

All about the first Sony Walkman, the TPS-L2, the most important personal music device since the transistor radio

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