Smashed baked potatoes

Try these mouthwatering smashed baked potatoes recipes for a crispy and creamy side dish. Elevate your dinner with these easy-to-make and flavorful potato dishes.
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Garlic smashed potatoes is the side dish to make when you want to move over from the usual mashed or roasted potatoes. These garlic butter smashed baby potatoes are fluffy on the inside, flavourful and crispy on the outside.

Julie Spencer
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Smashed Potatoes are a fun twist on your normal potatoes recipe. Smashed Potatoes are the perfect side dish, they are crispy on the outside but that perfect smooth and fluffy inside that you love about potatoes.

Brittaney Miller
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Crispy Smashed Creamer Potatoes - Oven roasted until crispy then topped with a garlic, herby mixture and smashed. Easy to make and the BEST side dish! Ooh, the salty skins and golden crispy edges, everyone loves potatoes. Move over french fries, these are eve better! #smashedpotatoes #sidedish #potatoes #bowlmeover #vegetables #vegetablesandsidedishes

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