Smart water

Upgrade your hydration game with smart water and experience the benefits of staying properly hydrated. Learn how smart water can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.
I still stand by the idea that every traveler needs to bring a specific type of water bottle during their trip.  There are 2 types of water bottles I like: SmartWater--purely because of the bottle itself and the fact that it barely crinkles when you put it in your bag. Premium Water Bottle, Pecan Chicken Salads, Bottle Design Packaging, Agua Mineral, Safe Drinking Water, Water Bottle Design, Survival Food, Spring Water, Distilled Water

9 Ways to Thrive on Your Next Flight — The City Sidewalks

We've all heard about "how to survive a flight," but what about how to thrive during a flight? Here are 9 ways for you to thrive on your next flight so that you'll have a positive experience during travel and no longer have to cringe at the mere thought of going to the airport.

Relyn Lawson