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Healthy Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl | Orchids + Sweet Tea Recipes, Weight, Lose Weight

This Healthy Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl recipe is an easy way to kick start your day and keep your taste buds satisfied. This breakfast bowl is the epitome of nourishing your body while keeping you full throughout the morning. Simply mix and match your favorite toppings and you'll create a delicious early morning meal or snack. Entirely Gluten-Free.

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Recipe video above. This is a pork belly that's slow-roasted so the fat renders and cooks the belly confit-style in its own fat. The result? Ridiculously juicy, impossibly tender yet still-sliceable meat, crowned with the most amazing crispy crackling of your life. It comes down to three simple, game-changing techniques: 1. Do NOT score the skin; 2. Low heat followed by high heat; 3. Keep the pork level using balls of foil.Perfect meat, perfect crackling ... Every. Single. Time! (Read the…

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*This recipe makes a large amount of hummus (enough to serve 12+ people) and 8 flatbreads. I would recommend doubling the flatbread recipe to have enough to serve with the hummus (if you are serving the full amount. You could also make half the amount of hummus and the full recipe of flatbreads. I like to make a large amount of hummus to use for multiple things.

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