Sloth character design

Explore a collection of adorable sloth character designs that are sure to make you smile. Get inspired to create your own lovable sloth characters and bring joy to your illustrations.
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I’ve wanted to draw animals for a while and I had this idea about animal being artists, you know, like us, struggle, frustration, happiness etc etc, you can help suggesting more topics or posting pics of your pets using #Drawmybeast on Instagram, Facebook, Twiter or heree It will be fun :D

Helga BV
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This was my contribution for the Character Design Challenge in January 2017 with the theme Hippie. Seth is a singer / songwriter who travels around the world with his guitar to spread the message of peace and love through his music. Seth is an optimist and believes that there is something good in every person, which also makes him a bit naive. He is a caring, understanding person, a good listener and very relaxed in his way of life. Sometimes a bit too relaxed and carefree which may give an…

Donna Relkoff