Sloped backyard

Turn your sloped backyard into a stunning outdoor oasis with these creative landscaping ideas. Get inspired to make the most of your unique terrain and create a beautiful space for relaxation and entertainment.
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61+ Sloped Backyard Ideas on a Budget [You'll Love the Photos!]

Feeling a bit daunted by making something beautiful out of your sloped backyard? Don’t panic! We've got all the best ideas for landscaping a sloped garden on a budget! Some of the most beautiful and

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Stabilising Slopes With Pallets

We’ve used a large range of techniques to stablise our steep slope, you can read about some of them here, here and here. Yet another way we’ve used recycled materials to keep our slope from sliding down the hill is using timber pallets. We salvage these for free from the side of the road, building sites and warehouses. They’re treated with heat, so are chemical free – this means they’ll break down sooner rather than later, but before they do, you can use them in *countless* ways. If you’re…