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Discover effective natural sleep medicine options to improve your sleep quality. Explore tips and remedies to help you achieve a restful night's sleep and wake up refreshed.
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The occasional restless night is normal; however, when sleep troubles impact a person’s mental or physical health in a negative way, something more may be happening. Brendan Lucey, MD, director of Washington University Sleep Medicine Center, offers insight into sleep disorder symptoms, sleep studies and sleep disorder treatments. What are some symptoms of a sleep […]

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Benedetto Cristofani for University of Miami Medicine Magazine. Why Do Some Body Clocks Lose Time? A newly recruited team of sleep scientists will study the impact of circadian rhythms on human health. Illustration for University of Miami Medicine Magazine, Benedetto Cristofani's illustration for University of Miami's Medicine Magazine accompanied "Why Do Some Body Clocks Lose Time?" a feature about a newly recruited team of sleep scientists...

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The Ultimate CPAP Mask Leaks Checklist CPAP mask leaks are without a doubt one of the most troublesome issues one can have with his or her CPAP therapy, and leaks happen to almost every CPAP user at some point or another. Some are lucky enough to find their "perfect fit" mask the first time around, but others struggle for years to find a mask that doesn't let noisy air out, disturb their partner.

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Not getting enough sleep is horrible. You feel like you have no energy before the day has even started and you’re in a bad mood. Sure, you can handle 1 or 2 sleep-deprived days. But if this turns into a long-term condition then you might unlock more serious health problems. For example, people who get 7+ hours of sleep are 4.2 times less likely to get sick than people who are sleep deprived. One of the most common reasons why you can’t fall asleep is that you’re dealing with a lot of stress…

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