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SKYRIM LITHOGRAPH! Commemorative illustration for Skyrim's 10th anniversary. Print that you can buy with GTM magazine "Games Tribute" :) - -

Svetlana K
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Concept Artist and Illustrator Ray Lederer has released concept artwork he created for Bethesda Softworks’ role-playing video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Ray worked on creating concept art for many of the environments, props, character designs and key action scenes. Make sure to also check out his blog for more of his work. Link: …

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Description Fan art of Lydia from Skyrim, done for the last number of Judas el Fanzine, Judas Epico. It should have been a double page scene with Lydia on one side, and Aela by another, the latter painted by my girlfriend Anna Sinthetic. But at last could not be, and Aela had been only appeared in sketches. Maybe someday the complete scene comes true. In any case, here is Lydia. If want to know more about, take a look to my facebook page…

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