Sketches of men bodies

Explore captivating sketches of men's bodies that showcase the beauty and strength of the male form. Discover inspiring art ideas that celebrate the diversity and expressiveness of the human body.
Little bit of male body study for, again, my Dawson portfolio... I really need to wrap this up as quickly as I can @~@ You might notice that one or two poses are inspired by 's poses and body studi... Guy Drawing, Drawing Poses Male, Male Body Drawing, Male Figure Drawing, Male Torso, Drawing Body Poses, Drawing Poses, Body Drawing, Body Sketches

Description Practice again!? Oh gosh! XD ... And more coming up! oAo Decided yesterday that I really, really want to learn proper male anatomy~... 'Cause I really wanna draw sexy men ò.ó *Nods* *SHOT* But seriously... I do XD And yes you can use this for reference XD Though better yet, use the one below, it's even better ^^ The amazing reference I used <3

Tong Panrawee