Shower base installation

Learn how to properly install a shower base with these expert tips. Create a sturdy and leak-free foundation for your shower with step-by-step instructions and helpful advice.
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After getting tile shower quotes you may have bemoaned (with the emphasis on the moaning) ….. “I can’t believe how expensive tile showers are!” And unfortunately, I’ll back up your findings and say, tile showers ARE NOT a cheap date. And not to go all Danny Downer on you when you’re already stinging from the pain of the cost of a tile shower estimates, but it’s not getting any better. And you may be asking, “Mike, why do you say that?” Well, here’s why. Tile setters are increasing prices and…

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I know many of you are frustrated with your ceramic tile showers. You’re DESPERATELY seeking alternatives. You’ve ‘had it up to here’ (as my Mom used to say when she was mad at us) with moldy, dirty, hard-to-clean tile grout joints. However, even though you hate your tile shower, you’re NOT OK replacing sturdy 3/8” thick tiles with wafer-thin, flimsy, plastic wall panels (and yes I’m referring to fiberglass reinforced plastic – FRP – and acrylic wall panels here). Who really wants these…

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Have you ever dreamed about a new shower cabin? I have, but my first thought connected with that job is a bunch of plumbers making a mess throughout my house! Have you had the same problem? If yes, I can offer you an excellent solution! Yes, it is possible enjoying a beautiful bathroom without tolerating

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Shop FlexStone Elegance 3 48-in W x 36-in D x 80-in H Crema Bordeaux 3-Piece Alcove Panel Kit in the Shower Walls & Surrounds department at Lowe' Surround yourself with the luxurious look of natural stone with FlexStone, the revolutionary tub and shower wall material that is easy to cut and install and

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