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Shoulder muscle anatomy

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The role of the scapula in Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: part 2 — Rayner & Smale

Part 2 of the shoulder impingement series is an entire blog dedicated to looking at the finer detail of normal functioning of the scapula and then applying this knowledge to scapula assessment and diagnosis of scapula dyskinesis. Before we can move onto rehabilitation pathways, you first need to try

Extrinsic Muscles of the Shoulder | Geeky Medics

An overview of the extrinsic muscles of the shoulder including Trapezius, Latissimus Dorsi, Levator Scapulae, Rhomboid Major and Rhomboid Minor.

To effectively treat the shoulder. You must know the anatomy of it.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a division of the National Institutes of Health, chiropractic "is a health care approach that addresses the relationship between the body's structure--mainly the spine--and its functioning." Although chiropractic largely is a safe and effective treatment, patients should understand that they might experience side effects after their treatment that include headaches, fatigue and soreness. Side effects from…

Middle back pain, rotator cuff pain, neck pain, golfer’s elbow and shoulder pain RELIEF with triceps fascia release

If you have any of the following, you’re likely to get immediate relief by releasing your triceps fascia: Middle back pain Rotator cuff pain Shoulder pain Neck pain Golfer’s elbow Upper body tension and more! The triceps fascia, when it shrinks, sticks to itself in knots and is otherwise unhealthy can cause all kinds of problems - from middle or mid back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain to golfer’s elbow etc.

The Sternocleidomastoid Muscle

The sternocleidomastoid muscles: Learn where this pair of neck muscles are found, what they do, and what yoga postures use them.

Pain Trying to Undo Your Bra Strap? It Could Be This Pair of Muscles… – August Point Wellness

Infraspinatus Muscle “It hurts when I try to undo my bra.” Or “Taking off my shirt is painful.” Or “Combing my hair hurts my shoulder.” Or “I have problems…

Músculos do Membro Superior | Sistema Muscular | Bíceps ...

Os músculos do membro superior podem ser divididos para estudo, em: músculos do ombro, músculos do braço, músculos do antebraço e músculos da mão.

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10 Exercises To Treat Neck And Shoulder Muscle Knots! Feel better fast with simple exercises from a doctor of physical therapy.
muscleandmotion Scapular Force Couple • Muscle collaboration in the shoulder. The muscles in our body work togehter to create movement in an efficient way. In this video we examin scapular movement during shoulder abduction, made by the collaboration of the Upper Trapezuis, Lower Trapezius, and Serratus Anterior. Watching this video will deepen your understanding of the scapular movement. Sign up for online training program 👇 #scapualawork #anatomy #anatomyofbone #scapulamoment
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