Series of unfortunate events uncle monty house

Step inside the iconic Uncle Monty's house from A Series of Unfortunate Events and discover the secrets hidden within. Get inspired by the unique design and create your own whimsical space.
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Dr. Montgomery Montgomery's house was the home of herpetologist Monty Montgomery. Montgomery's home is located at the end of Lousy Lane, and the enormous stone home sits at the end of a steep gravel driveway. Montgomery has a vast and well-kept lawn, dotted with multiple shrubs trimmed to look like snakes, each a different species. The backyard is a bright green field of grasses and shrubs. The outside of the house has a dark, wooden, square front door, with lights shaped like torches on…

this is from Lemony S.  i love the Reptile room though Montgomery Homes, Whimsical Room, Reptile Room, Arte Steampunk, Lemony Snicket, Unfortunate Events, Portfolio Site, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Movie Sets

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