Sensory deprivation

Experience the profound benefits of sensory deprivation and enhance your mental and physical well-being. Discover how this unique practice can help you relax, reduce stress, and improve focus.
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Waterbeds are nothing new, although these are not as common or as popular as they used to be decades ago, they are a great way to relax, but do leave some feeling a little seasick. Using waterbeds as a means to relax the muscles and to achieve deeper states of meditation has become very effective, […]

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I’ve been hearing about float tanks, sensory deprivation tanks or isolation tanks for years. They’re like enclosed bath tubs, square or round, filled with salt water (or magnesium sulphate [] to be exact) that is warmed to your body temperature that you lie in. But it’s like the Dead Sea, there’s so much salt (I think 500 kg or 1000 lbs of salt per tank) that you float. And once you close the tank and switch off the light, it’s pitch black. And…

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