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Discover proven strategies and techniques for teaching a second language. Enhance your language instruction and help your students become fluent speakers with these top ideas.
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Here is a reference to the major trends in language teaching methodology that have surfaced in the last century. I have found that a general knowledge of these is helpful in exploring proficiency-…


Are you looking for some great games to play with your students in your FSL classroom? Look no further. Today, I am sharing the ‘best of the best’ student-approved games for FSL. Many require little to no prep (yay!). Take a look below and try one with your students today! 1. Comptez! Are you looking for a fun way to review numbers? This activity works very well with learners of all ages. Seriously. Even my middle-years aged students begged to play this! Materials required: none How to play…

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Comprehensible input is language input that can be understood. How you can make your teaching more comprehensible to students learning a language. Reading, Language Teacher, Communicative Language Teaching, Language Learners, Comprehensible Input, Esl Teaching Resources, Language Teaching, Learning Sight Words, Esl Teaching

If we want language to come OUT of our students’ mouths, we must get language IN to their heads. They need INput so that they can produce OUTput. » Input is reading and listening » Output is speaking and writing This is common sense. A learner cannot utter an expression in a new language if…

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5 Stages of Second Language Acquisition + Infographic

Have you ever wondered how we acquire language? Do you know what language acquisition means? Do you know the difference between first language acquisition and second language acquisition? In this post we talk about the 5 stages of Second language acquisition: 1. Silent or receptive phase 2. Early production 3. Speech emergence or production 4. Intermediate fluency5. Continued language development or fluency.

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