Savory bread puddings

Elevate your culinary skills with these mouthwatering savory bread pudding recipes. Discover unique flavors and textures that will tantalize your taste buds and impress your guests.
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Is there anything better than a great ham and cheese sandwich? Well, if there ever was a contender, I'd say it'd be this recipe for Croque Monsieur Savory Bread Pudding. Or Strata. Or whatever the heck you want to call it. This recipe is basically a giant deconstructed Croque Monsieur (aka ham, cheese, French Bread, and all things delicious).

Michele Ward
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Tangy marinated artichokes star in this cheesy, golden-topped casserole, which is layered with scallions, Cheddar and baguette cubes that get crisp at the edges. Look for the best-quality marinated artichoke hearts, then taste them before using. If they seem very acidic, give them a rinse and pat them dry before proceeding.

Anita Hodge Enerson
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This savory bread pudding recipe is rich and comforting, with tender mushrooms and melted cheese. Note this recipe requires you to dry out the bread for a few days (or 1 hour in the oven) and then you soak the pudding overnight (or at least 3 hours), so plan ahead!

Nadia Graziano