Sailing catamaran

Experience the thrill of sailing on a catamaran and explore the breathtaking beauty of the sea. Find the perfect sailing catamaran for your next adventure and embark on an unforgettable journey.
Storm Strategy If your desired course puts you on a beam reach, you need to make a decision. Nothing puts a greater load on a catamaran than a breaking wave on the beam. While nearly every catamaran is engineered to CE Class A-1 codes for open water, a 90-degree impact from a wall of water hitting a cat’s slab sides and large windows will put your boat at maximum risk. Choose a course that puts the waves and wind ahead or aft of the beam. Power Boats, Catamaran, Used Boats, Boat Navigation, Boat Stuff, Boat Seats, Tow Boat, Boat Building, Sailboat Living

By their nature, larger catamarans are exceptionally safe offshore. It is not unusual to sail through mildly uncomfortable conditions, such as a gale, only to arrive in port and hear sailors on keelboats talk of “surviving” horrendous weather. A large modern catamaran has plenty of buoyancy and exceptional roll inertia.