Rusty junk

Transform your rusty junk into unique and functional pieces with these creative upcycling ideas. Discover how to give new life to old items and add a touch of rustic charm to your space.
Revisionary Life: Seven Things to Do With a Rusty Rake Texas, Love, Garden Rake, Rake Head, Garden Junk, Old Garden Tools, Garden Rakes, Rusty Garden, Rake Tool

Those of us who love old houses love them for a variety of reasons. My house is old - not as old as some in which I have lived, and older than others. It was built in 1945. One of the great things about old houses is: finding cool stuff left behind by former occupants. Case in point: The old rake head I used as fall door decor recently. (In case you are counting, this is #1.) The super-cool chippy aqua one was a left-behind as well. It is next in line for a fun bit of re-purposing. I decided…

Linda Klein