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Discover the latest robot vacuum cleaners that will make cleaning your home a breeze. Say goodbye to manual vacuuming and let these innovative robots do the work for you.
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The Nooie Robot Vacuum is designed with the smart home, efficient-conscious, and environmentally-friendly customer in mind. It features the world’s first built-in, large capacity, recyclable dust bag design directly on the robot vacuum for highly-efficient operation, easier clean up process, and sustainable practices. The lower-profile mechanical design allows the robot vacuum to clean hard to reach areas such as below beds and under couches. Its smart home characteristics features a custom…

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45 Days of Hands-Free Cleaning: Fully automate your day-to-day cleaning to live more comfortably. An auto-empty base station quickly and quietly dumps dirt and dust into a 2.5L dust bag, while preventing clogging, to provide weeks of independent automated cleaning. All you have to do is dump the bag. Cleans Strong, Cleans Long: A max suction pressure of 4000Pa easily lifts dirt from floors and deposits it into the 400mL dust box. 4 suction modes to choose provide efficient, adaptable…

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We tested 44 of the best robot vacuums—including self-emptying and vacuum-mop models for pet hair, hardwood floors, and carpet—and evaluated them on effectiveness, ease of emptying, overall value, and more. Plus, we spoke to robot vacuum experts for tips on how to choose the best one.

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