Road house

Discover unique road house ideas to make your next adventure unforgettable. Explore top tips for designing, decorating, and organizing your road house for a comfortable and exciting journey.
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25 Great Shots That Use Roads and Paths to Enhance the Composition

Landscape photography is very subjective, but most will agree that, to some form or another, following the rule of thirds will help achieve a great looking photo. One way to do this is incorporating roads and paths into your frame that will enhance the overall composition of the photograph. We've already showed you how to utilize the S-Curve in photography and many of these examples show you just how it's done. Breaking up the frame with properly placed lines from roads, paths and trails can…

Adriana De Beer
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I Love This Old House

Dibs. I saw it first. This is exactly my kind of house. I wouldn't even have to go inside. If the price were right, I would just buy it. It breaks my heart to think it has been abandoned. Wonder where it is? I love the tall broom grass too. via Pixdaus Click orange square to subscribe via feed reader or email.

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