Rid of ants

Discover proven methods to effectively eliminate ants from your home and prevent them from coming back. Take action now to create an ant-free environment.
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It started with just a few ant sightings. One here, two there, and I wasn't particularly worried about it to be honest. There wasn't any food left around for them, and I keep everything clean, so they must have been passing through. Right?Wrong. Oh, so wrong.I walked into my kitchen one morning, and boom! Full on ant party. The walls, counter, floors, trash can... all of it, covered in ants. They had to go, immediately.So, my friends, here is exactly what I did:1. I did NOT crushed them, or…

Mac McCoinach
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Having ants in your house can be a pesky, frustrating problem. Fortunately, most ants are easy to get rid of! As long as you're diligent about keeping a clean house and making sure there's no food lying around, your ant problem will...

Loretta Lambert