Reverse shoulder replacement

Learn about the benefits and process of reverse shoulder replacement surgery. Find out how this procedure can alleviate pain and improve mobility in your shoulder joint.
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Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Why Effective Shoulder Repair May Require a Backwards Approach #30secondmom Physical Therapy, Instagram, People, Chiropractic, Osteoarthritis, Rotator Cuff, Bone Loss, Surgery, Treatment

When it comes to shoulder repair, some surgeons are defying nature and doing it all backwards – and studies are showing that can be a good thing. I'm referring to reverse shoulder replacement, also called reverse shoulder arthroplasty, in which artificial parts are used to change the natural...

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Reverse shoulder replacement allows patient to resume active lifestyle

Pain from an irreparable rotator cuff tear kept Fern Rediger from many of her favorite activities. But a reverse shoulder replacement procedure has her back gardening, quilting and playing with her great-grandchildren.

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The metaphyseal bone defect predicts outcome in reverse shoulder arthroplasty for proximal humerus fracture sequelae. These authors reviewed 50 cases of reverse shoulder arthroplasty used to treat sequelae of proximal humerus fractures.The patients had a mean age of 69 (range 44-89) and a mean followup of 34 months. Shoulders with proximal humeral metaphyseal bone loss of more than 3 cm had significantly lower clinical outcomes. In addition degenerative changes of the teres minor muscle and…