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Donna Beneviento (ドナ・ベネヴィエント, dona beneviento?) was a mutant human doll-maker who resided in an Eastern European mountain range. Dressed in a black garb, she was usually seen with her doll, Angie, through which she often communicated. Donna Beneviento was born into the gentry of House Beneviento sometime during the 20th century, a family with ancestral links to Berengario, a man rumored in folklore to have been an ancient mutant who settled the region with three other houses from which the…

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Rosemary "Rose" Winters (ローズマリー・ウィンターズ, Rōzumarī Wintāzu?) is an American superhuman. The daughter of mutants Mia & Ethan Winters, Winters' body was comprised entirely of Mold, which was replicating human DNA. Following her rescue from an outbreak in Eastern Europe, Rose grew up in the United States under special protection. Rose was born on 2 August 2020 whilst her parents were under BSAA protection. Due to the family's mutations as well as Mia's former ties to The Connections, they were at…

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It was an amazing time to work on this project. It's one of my favorite. Thanks to Platige Image for that opportunity. During work on that animation, I was responsible for creating paper-like geometry to cover all grounds for the shots shown here. I combined here a few techniques including cloth simulations. I was also responsible for creating most of the static stylized plants and foreground details. It was super fun! Full credits are available here: