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Explore a collection of unique repetition art ideas that will add visual interest to your space. Discover how repetition can create a captivating and dynamic atmosphere in your home.
Milwaukee Art Museum: Refrigerator Pies (1962) by Wayne Thiebaud Paul Cézanne, Food Art, Food Illustrations, Art Museum, Art Gallery, Artist, Wayne Thiebaud Cakes, Food Painting, Gcse Art

Warning! This is a L-O-N-G post, but do not be deterred by length. It is another cataloging of art that I've seen and loved. It's mostly pictures with just a little text. Coming upon the Milwaukee Art Museum is a lot like driving past the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles or the Space Needle in Seattle. The drama of the structure stops you in your tracks and makes you whip out your camera. The building was designed by internationally renowned architect Santiago Calatrava and was completed…

Judy Cannon
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Repetition, Rhythm and Pattern. Repeating art elements in regular or cyclical fashion to create interest, movement, and/or harmony and unity. Rhythms can be random, regular, alternating, flowing, and progressive. Classes of pattern include mosaics, lattices, spirals, meanders, waves, symmetry and fractals, among others. Motifs Motifs can be thought of as units of pattern. In

Ramona Sunukjian

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