Release dove

Make your special occasions even more memorable with the symbolic release of doves. Discover unique and captivating ideas to incorporate this beautiful tradition into your events.
A 37 day old white dove squab (left) with her mother (right). Photo by Faith, author of the lovely blog "My Doves."

9.8.16 – The pigeon I took in last night was alive this morning. I’m calling her Polly though I don’t know her sex of course. She took a drink from the little glass, and I hand fed her six peanuts to give her a boost, before putting her in the day part of the hospital, with a pot of grains, while I fed the flock. She didn’t attempt to eat, so after a while I hand fed her the same amount I feed Cloud – which is 30 grains/peas (the larger ones, not the tiny ones) twice a day. The wound on her…

Jane Grey — Hope in Paris