Recycled tote

Discover innovative ways to repurpose and reuse your recycled tote bags. Find inspiration for stylish and eco-friendly accessories that are both functional and fashionable.
DIY project: Make your own fused-plastic tote bag - thisNZlife Patchwork, Recycling, Upcycled Crafts, Plastic Bags Diy, Recycle Bag, Recycled Tote, Plastic Bag Crafts, Plastic Grocery Bags, Reusable Plastic Bags

Grab the iron and a bundle of soft plastic bags then make a tote with sustainable style. Words and photos:Julie Legg Fabric or string bags are popular but multi-use, hardwearing reusable plastic bags are an inexpensive alternative. Take a few hours on a rainy weekend to make a fused plastic tote bag; it’s fun and keeps those soft plastics out of the landfill. Most soft plastics can be used - from frozen vegetable bags to rice bags and chip packets. The secret to fusing plastic together lies…

Consolita Rodenberg
Earth Day DIY: Tote Bag from Upcycled Jeans - Stitching Sewcial Tela, Ideas, Jeans, Tuto Couture, Patrones, Jean, Couture Sac, Taschen, Costura

With Earth Day just a few days away, what better way to honor it than to make a reusable tote from an old pair of jeans so you can celebrate in style! I have 3 active boys, and you can imagine how many pairs of jeans they go through. Instead of getting rid of them I upcycle them into projects like this tote bag. It’s a sustainable approach to sewing and a practical project. You can use this for grocery runs to beach trips and everything in between. Supplies: Brother SE625 Sewing and…

Janet Woodward