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Parenting is difficult. It's rewarding. And Anastasiya Lykova perfectly illustrates every bit of it in her cute comics. No wonder, the Russian artist is currently raising a baby boy so she's really well-versed in sleepless nights, temper tantrums, you know, the whole shebang. Continue scrolling to check out the chaotic reality of bringing up a child through Lykova's eyes and upvote your favorite pictures!

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A study has found that extended breastfeeding can lead to a higher IQ and income later in life. And given that nursing is one of the earliest and strongest bonds that a mother can establish with her newborn, many women choose to continue even after a few years of giving birth. After all, the skin-to-skin contact can be very reassuring for the toddler and a tangible reminder that they are being nurtured and loved.

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