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‘How can your mom kiss you with that face?!’ My cysts were so bad they’d literally explode at any time.’: Young woman with Acne Conglobata embraces skin, gave her ‘confidence, resilience’ – Love What Matters Strength, Girl With Acne, Body Positivity, Get Rid Of Blackheads, Severe Acne, Love What Matters, Literally, How To Get Rid Of Pimples

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Yazidis are an endogamous and mostly Kurmanji-speaking minority, indigenous to Upper Mesopotamia. The majority of Yazidis remaining in the Middle East today live in the disputed territories of Northern Iraq, primarily in the Nineveh and Dohuk governorates. Historically, the Yazidis lived primarily in communities located in present-day Iraq, Turkey, and #Syria and also had significant numbers in Armenia and Georgia. In August 2014, the Yazidis became victims of a #genocide by the Islamic…

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