Railroad track anvil

Discover creative ways to repurpose old railroad tracks as anvils for your blacksmithing projects. Explore top ideas to transform these sturdy pieces of metal into functional tools for your craft.
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Making Aso / Railroad Track Anvil Using Angle Grinders.: Hi In this instructable i show you easy way to make Aso (anvil shaped object ) / Anvil using a piece of railroad track. Most likely you have seen several videos about the subject, i have too. You might have noticed that straightening the top section…

Micah Pickett
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Today I found out why anvils are shaped the way they are and why blacksmith/farriers/etc. sometimes tap the anvil after a few strikes on the object they’re working on. Anvil shape has evolved greatly since the earliest anvil-like objects. These primitive objects used for anvils were typically made of stone, often just a slab of rock. The first metal anvils [...]

William Surrett
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Durable construction: Our anvil is made from premium railway steel infused with manganese for unmatched strength and durability. Dual-surface design: The innovative outer wooden shell doubles as a workstation and allows for a dual-surface anvil by simply flipping the anvil part upside down and reassembling the two parts. Easy to switch surfaces: Switching between steel surfaces is simple - just unscrew the nuts and take out the bolts to remove the steel part, flip it upside down, and…

John Babcock
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Turning rusty railroad track into an anvil Thanks for watching! Please be aware that this video is for entertainment purposes only and techniques shown... | video recording, entertainment

Nevena Gancheva