Quirky bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a unique and playful space with these quirky ideas. Get inspired to add a touch of personality to your bathroom decor.
A lush bathroom design inspired by Victorian Glasgow, with a dense mix of plants, terracotta, and junglepunk aesthetics. Home, Decoration, Bathroom, Design, Deco, Decor Design, Design Inspiration, Victorian, New Room

Discover a bathroom space where Victorian Glasgow elegance mingles with a lush, junglepunk ambiance. Faux naïf touches, terracotta pottery, and an abundance of plants create an atmosphere that's truly one-of-a-kind. Elevate your own space with nature-focused designs from our collection, and contribute to our tree-planting initiative with every purchase. 🌵🖼 #VictorianJungleBathroom #GreenSanctuary

Sara Recillas