Quail farming ideas

Explore innovative quail farming ideas to maximize your profits and create a successful business. Discover tips and techniques for raising healthy quails and producing high-quality eggs and meat.
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Chickens might rule the roost for popularity with homesteaders, but we take a look at the humble quail, and how easy it is to get started with quail farming so that you can grow your own sustainable food supply of eggs and meat, whether you are in an urban area, the city, or out in the homesteader's country.

Elora Williams
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Coturnix quail. | Photo by Jenna Greene Quail are a cute, quirky alternative poultry to raise on your homestead. If you have decided to raise quail on your homestead, the next step is to choose what type of quail to get. Generally, quail are divided into two different families:

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We have some quail that are about to go into a chicken tractor setup, but we'd like to put together a chicken tractor design that's a bit more secure and safe for our courtnix (Japanese) quail. Anyone see any particularly good designs that have proven out to not only be safe, but easy to move about and is sufficiently durable?.

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