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Quadrotor Flight computer FLCv2p0 - DIY Drones  --Possible reference design for my autopilot Drones, Tech Gadgets, Electronic Engineering, Uav Drone, Drone Technology, Microcontrollers, Drones Concept, Tech, Quadcopter

This is my first post in DIY Drones. I would like to share with the comunity my last work related to UAVs. I'm currently working on my thesis for graduation as an electronic engineering at the University of Buenos Aires. My thesis is based on a embedded control system and in this post I'm presenting the Flight computer that holds the control algorithms. My thesis is more an academic research than a hardware/software project, but I decided to do my own powerful board to test it. Above is the…

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This article is a theoretical venture that aims to answer a series of practical questions, such as: – given a certain electrical setup that can generate a certain power, what is the maximum thrust that we can achieve ? – can a human-powered aircraft be built ? – can I tell the expected thrust generated by a copter simply by knowing the power it consumes and vice-versa ? – are larger propellers really more “efficient” ? – which multicopter configuration is more efficient: tricopter…

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