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Step into a world of luxury and elegance with these stunning Pullman car designs. Discover the ultimate inspirations to create a timeless and sophisticated travel experience.
J.P. Morgan's Railcar: Erie 400 Pullman Car - http://barnfinds.com/j-p-morgans-railcar-erie-400-pullman-car/ Pullman Train, Pullman Car, Locomotive, Steam Locomotive, Pullman, Boat, Union Pacific Railroad, Railroad Photos, Cars Trucks

Personally I like anything with wheels, and that includes trains and airplanes as well as cars. So when reader Jim S. sent us the link to this beautiful, custom made Pullman car, we found it impossible to resist. We hope you enjoy this find, even though it is pretty far afield from the cars and trucks...

Jeff Armitage
Just A Car Guy: Blue Mountain Lake Museum has a beautiful Pullman once owned by New York millionaire August Belmont Homes, Trips, Interior, Places, Caravan, Architecture, Museums, Cabin, House

https://www.theadkx.org/exhibitions-events/life-in-the-adirondacks/ Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake (ADKX) is exploring the spirit, history, culture, and people of the Adirondack region. Life in the Adirondacks is the largest permanent exhibition on ADKX’s stunning 121-acre campus. The immersive installation combines authentic objects from ADKX’s collections—including guide boats, vintage railway cars, and a naturalist’s cabin—and interpretative materials with…

Colleen Leach
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This past summer, I had the opportunity to attend the American Library Association Conference in New Orleans. As my husband and I planned our trip, we decided that it would be interesting to make the trip by taking a train. The trip from Wilmington, Delaware is 27 hours, so we decided to take the overnight train on the South bound journey, and fly back. We had a wonderful experience on the train, watching the towns go by in the comfort of our little “roomette.” I have always wanted to take a…